Thursday, 29 December 2011

Photo Update

I promised a bit of a photo gallery the other night, to show that I haven't been a lazy ass lately and I've been quite busy just not good enough to post the results on here.

Two themes can be covered, one is my contribution to the Woolsack Project ( and the other is my button hearts.

So, first of all Woolsack. I've now attended and helped at two Woolsack Stuffing events. The first was at the British Wool Weekend that was held at the Harrogate Showground, and the second was at the Knitting and Stitching Show held at Harrogate International Centre. Unfortunately there is photographic evidence for both lol In the first even I took my cushion and mums, and stuffed and finished them off. In the second I knitted two smaller squares to be part of a multi effort cushion to help make enough to send to the Youth Winter Olympic team who were about to go out for training.

Having bought pot luck bags, the colours had come back on both as 5 balls of the turquoise and 1 of pink each. I've since bought more real British wool in other colours that I'm using for a second cushion, and if I get time, third. Mum is just sticking to this one, unless I can persuade her otherwise! Mine is the one on the top in the cable stitch... I challenged myself to the cabling, and was pretty pleased with the finished result!!!

The second item I want to post on here is a picture I made with a bit of a difference. Again the Living North Christmas Show was an inspiration and I decided that a picture didn't have to be all buttons to be special. So this time I mixed buttons with stitching and pretty fabrics and had a go at a Scandi themed picture. Let me know what you think... its in the Gallery now for sale!

I'll be back shortly with some of the Christmas projects I've been working on :) x

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Christmas Wishes

Wow, can't believe its taken me so long to get round to doing this again! Once I got back to work its been none stop... I have managed a few little projects, so I'll post details of those later in the week, but otherwise Charlee's Aunt has been a very frustrated crafter!

To the point where I even suggested to someone who's set up as a professional educational crafter that if they had any jobs I was interested... was shocked that her reply was, send me your CV its possible right now!!! I've been asked to do some workshops at the local gallery with kids, so I'll see how that goes, then I may be tempted to take it further. Watch this space!

On other ideas, I'm going to set up a 'Stitch and Bitch' style group in Thirsk over the next month or so, well attempt to anyway. See if I can get a few people interested in Knitting, crochet, tapestry etc together once or twice a month either at mine, or if I can get a small group together in the local library or gallery space.

Have a lovely new year, and I wish everyone the best with their projects and plans for 2012 :) xx

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Screening the summer stove!

I've been wondering for a few days now how to screen the empty stove in the sitting room, as I found it quite depressing. Although I noted that a few friends on Facebook were resorting to lighting their stoves today as the weather has turned rather autumnal and chilly.

I worked out the size of the window in the stove, and using a piece of card to create a screen which I then covered with a small piece of my statement wall paper from the study, 'Sanderson, Dandelion Clocks in Blackcurrant', which reflected the colours I wish to use in the lounge in a summer colour scheme eventually when its finally decorated. I'll use red to cosy and warm it up in winter and lime to cool and brighten things up in the warmer months.

Anyway, back to the screen. Once covered with the wallpaper, I thought that it needed a little more interest. I've used some of my buttons to highlight certain points and pull a few colours and ideas together. I'll be using wood as a natural element within the room so popped a bit of that in there too, with a silver heart to keep the theme of hearts going throughout the scheme of decoration.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Latest Projects

I referred to the fact that even though I'd not created anything out of buttons lately, I had still been creative. I've completed 3 projects in the last couple of months that I don't think I've mentioned on here.
The first was a cushion for my close friend Anna. She's a fan of purple and so when I saw this kit I just had to have it. I'd knitted it up fairly quickly as it was done in strips and then sewn together for the front. The back was done in one piece. Although it was man-made fibres it was lovely to work with and I think the end result was rather nice. I stuffed it throughly and its made a very soft and welcoming cushion, which Anna really likes.

The next pieces I have been working on are the blankets for the two neighbouring babies. I may have mentioned that I've babies on either side of my terraced house. Ellie is now 7 months old and Fin is 5 months old. I couldn't resist making something for them, and so I chose to make a blanket.
I took the traditional route, and have made a blue buggy blanket for Fin, and for Ellie I've had a go at a crochet blanket out of 42 'granny' squares which I then joined together with double crochet and edged neatly finishing with a picot edging. I chose purple and pink for the blanket, and joined and edged it in a green that her room is painted in, which is a great contrast. I've really enjoyed working on these two projects and think the pictures show that.

Its really brought home to me how much I enjoy creating things for other people and not only that, but I enjoy making homeware more than clothing. Its given me lots of ideas for myself and others for future pieces. I've some great wool to make a joint knitted/crochet blanket with and then I've several other designs I'd like to try too.

My next main piece will be a cushion for the Olympic Woolsack project which is now part of the cultural olympiad for next year. They are hoping to create 20000 cushions from British wool to give to all the participants of both Olympics and Paralympics next year. I'm hoping to create at least two and the first is underway currently!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Woah, its been a while!

I can't believe its been so long since I've been able to write this... time has flown by!

Main problems for me have been the sudden speed that took over as the end of term drew near. It was like all I could do was work all hours to keep up with where I needed to be, and even then I still have a few bits left over to sort for next year!!! That's before I start my 'holiday' work lol

But before then I am going to have a few days of being very creative and try and get my mojo back. One big boost for that was selling an Owl picture in the local gallery  Apparently it was the last purchase two regular buyers made from the gallery before emigrating to New Zealand!!! I hope it's gone with them and is speading the word far and wide :)
I haven't stopped being creative while I've not been on here. I've handed the blue heart that was on Folksy to the Gallery to keep my work in there, and I have everything crossed I am able to be creative again now I've managed to get rid of a lot of stress recently.

I've been knitting and crocheting a lot, as I find both very relaxing and rarely sit and do nothing even if I'm watching tv etc. I've just been putting the finishing touches to two baby blankets. One knitted for the little boy next door, and the other crocheted for the little girl on the other side of me! Fingers crossed they are well received...

I am also working on my Woolsack Cushion project, which is my next WIP to finish, then I think I'm going to look at making something for myself. Mum was shocked at the multiplying wool stores I now have all over the house and is supplying more boxing for me to keep it safe in as she's working down her stash by making small crocheted blankets for my school project for the Dogs Trust! I have been investigating other charity projects lately as I like the idea of helping others, and I'm probably going to do a wrap for and I'm also thinking that knitted mice could be fun for Will post any completed projects for either on here.

Next year at School I'm considering renaming the 'group' I'm running Creative Wool Crafts and see if I'm allowed to do some Yarn or Pom pom bombing in the school site to make things a bit more colourful!!! Lets see how far my good will with the head goes :)

Best rest now and get some sleep as I'm off to tomorrow and I'm very excited. How I wish I could afford a kitchen made by them... maybe investigate a mantle piece instead lol Love their recycling wood philosophy. Enjoy and keep smiling :) xx

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Artistic Break

I don't usually think about the way my pictures are designed as the heart and start were pretty straight forward shapes. Then came the plane request - thanks Debs! I needed to make a shape that although simple, was easily recognisable as a plane, so I started to scout about the net looking for pictures.

This weekend so far I've been doing exactly the same. I've been doing the first sketches for potential pictures I may try and create out of buttons. An artists suggestions are a great place for me to start, and Bridget at Moon Meadow Gallery came up with a big list for me to try when I was last in there. Transfering those ideas into pictures/shapes I can then create out of buttons is a whole new experience. How do I get the fine lines, the grace of insect wings and the solemnity of the moon to transfer? It is going to be a challenge, but I'm quite interested in it now I've done my sketches. Luckily she wants another heart too, so I've just the question of do I create another, or shall I just give her 'Blue Love'?

Other artistic things I've been up to this weekend are all woolen. I've been making up the lovely blue blanket for Fin next door, and I'm working on a fabulous cushion for a friends birthday. That's the key thing to finish this week, preferably before Friday if I can!!! Best get knitting then again later this evening.

The one thing that may put a big welly boot of trouble into the next 7 days of planned 'Work' and my pleasurable work is that I've toothache... lost a filling in the week, and I'm hoping I can last out till next Monday to have it repaired. It's not played up until today, so will see what the week brings.

Keep smiling and enjoy the sun (it is coming!!!) :) xxx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Selling my 'wares'!!!

Whoop, whoop, whoop!

I popped into Moon Meadow Gallery ( today to have a look about, and see how my work was doing. I've had 3 pictures in there for a while now.

I snooped about and couldn't see any of my work... being me I naturally assumed she'd taken them off and put them somewhere for me to collect. I went down, and saw Bridget and asked in a small voice how the button pictures were doing.

"Ooh, I thought it was you, I was going to ring. Two have sold!" My face must have been a picture as she said that lol

So these are the two pictures I have sold in the gallery. The first multi coloured one was the first I did, and the second 'True Romance' was done around Valentines day, hence the red theme.

I've not got a long list of suggestions and ideas from Bridget as she'd like some more pieces doing when I can, including hearts. Therefore I may take my blue heart down that I've on Folksy as its ready to go... or I could just done some new pieces!!

Very happy about this. Means I'm now selling commissions regularly, and in the gallery every now and again.

Keep smiling :) x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Work gets in the way

Not going to be able to do a lot this week until some well deserved creative time at the weekend. The reports I've been feverishly writing for the last month were finally done and dusted today. Only year 7 to go now (daren't even think about the 5 classes worth I've got there!!!)

Couple of quick pictures of last weekends escapades. I have put my button magnets on folksy (see the little tag on the top right of the blog!) and I've finished them off quite nicely by presenting them on some simple striped card, and either in a packet, the sets of 5, or a recycled box, the sets of 10. Let me know what you think please?

I'm hoping to receive a paint sample from my HoH before we break off so I can produce a Button heart for her new kitchen. She's requested pink, black and cream (I think?) in a black frame to go with the kitchen they had installed when they moved house. Sounds lush from the descriptions and hoping to see it soon in picture. I'll not be doing any wording around it though as 'she isn't that sort of person' her own words.

Gave me an idea though, I'm going to produce a whole series, probably in the summer holidays, without wording on. Take some pictures of them in the frames I've got spare, and then when someone buys them (please!!!) I can either frame them up without the wording, or personalise them as they wish. Could be a new way of being able to have lots of stock and not have to buy a million frames from the Swedish store that isn't close to me!

Liking writing this, so I know it will drift off topic occasionally but that isn't always a bad thing. Don't want to be boring you by whittering on about buttons all the time.

Have a good week and keep smiling :)

PS, am I the only one watching 'Made in Chelsea'?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pain threshold... Magnets

Those who know me well know I've an ongoing back problem. It flared up again at the weekend when it went into spasm... ouch! I'm slowly getting it back to normal, and my drugs have been upped while its recovering so I've two problems at the moment;
1 - I'm dosey as hell, much worse than normal,
2 - I'm in more pain than I've been in for about a year!

Therefore I've been looking to try and distract myself, but also have to be doing simple things so that I don't get everything wrong (I'm trying to read/write reports for work at the moment - slow and painful process).

Tonight I decided to get creative and make some magnets. Its something I've considered for a while, to add to the shop and I bought some small circular magnets last week from Boyes. I've made some very sweet, cute magnets out of a selection of my vintage/new buttons. There are three sets in all, a total of 20 magnets.

Set one was a simple idea using 5 buttons that are of the same design - white flowers. Set two used some pastel round buttons in 5 different colours which I thought would be nice for spring. The third set is the largest, 10 magnets in all. They are made up of bright, light buttons in a variety of colours, with more than one button per magnet, so some contrasting or coordinating colours have been put together.

Looking at Folksy I realise I've to get my ideas into shape regarding presentation of my work. I've cut up some nice pink card that is striped. I'm going to stick the buttons to it with glue dots, as they should be easy to remove - its like what those little samples you get in magazines are stuck down with, For the big set I've covered an old chocolate box with brown paper, cut a piece of card to fit inside and I'll stick those down and present them in the box, so an ideal gift idea. I'm into recycling, and knew the boxes would be useful sometime!

I'm full of creative ideas at the moment, which isn't helping with my brain not functioning correctly, but its a nice thing to think about... my next challenge will be the Woolsack cushions and I'm thinking about trying a new idea I've read about on the Folksy Forum regarding tiny works of art!

Have a good rest of the week and I'll catch up with you soon
Keep Smiling :) x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Button Planes!!!

I've kept this till now to post as I wanted the recipient to be the first to see it complete. I'm so pleased that it reached Debbie in one piece and now it can be treasured for Ollie. Just hope as he grows up he likes it too lol

Have posted one of the plane, then a couple of close ups as I've learnt how to do that lol

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Big Thanks :)

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be featured in another Crafty Blog doing a little 'interview' about me and why I am creating what I am. Here's the link, let me know what you think!!!

Back is very bad today, so this is short and sweet, will fill you in asap on more creative details asap xx

Friday, 29 April 2011

Weddings and Blankets

Its a lovely day for a white Wedding :) Wishing William and Catherine the best of luck for the future and hope they have a long and happy life together. It would be great to see a popular couple have a marriage that lasts the ups and downs of life, and fingers crossed, doesn't end up like so many these days, in the divorce courts. I'm not the most outwardly expressive of people but I am a true romantic and that's the part that appeals to me in all this.

Its great also to see so many people out and about and smiling. How many large crowds lately have been about protests for this and that. Yes, there are a lot of people 'dissing' the day and the wedding etc, but for those who are looking forward to the day and the youngsters who are experiencing something like this for the first time then its a fabulous memory for all.

I'll be sitting on the sofa, and here comes the crafty bit... knitting, while I watch the wedding, its build up and the proceedings up until the balcony scene.

The blanket mention in the title, is from some of the girls I've been teaching knitting too at school. I was never sure that it would be well received, but I've a small handful who turn up on most sessions and are slowly but surely building up their skills. One of my year 7's brought a blanket in on Wednesday which was completed by herself, her cousin and Nan over the Easter break. So many of the girls have said that they are working with mum's and nan's on the project which in itself is lovely. Its a fabulous blanket done in bright chunky squares, and it will be great for a very big dog!!!

I'm going to switch between working on my blanket for baby Fin next door, my Chunky scarf and if I am bored knitting, I'll do some crochet as I'm going to do a pink, cream and purple blanket for Ellie who is the baby on the other side, next door lol.

Keep smiling xx

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hours spent listing on Folksy...

Hi again, Just spent my morning listing the flowers on Folksy. Will include a few pictures with this so you can see what I've been upu to lately. Trying not be distracted by Misty chasing something that I'm sure could sting her!

Also used a couple of interesting sites. The first it to hopefully help me publicise my Folksy items. Its called Stumble Upon and I can see it using up any time I don't have something else planned, as going on your interests it takes you to random sites on the internet. Once you've favourited a site it will show it to fellow Stumblers. So thanks to the poster on the Folksy forum for that one :)

I really need to go and get some lunch, so will be back later to see what else I've been creating lately. Have a great Easter weekend x

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Invasion of the Flowers...

I managed to get my flower magnets completed last night, and they are currently taking over the front of my fridge as a test of their strength. I am going to take some pictures for Folksy in the garden today seeing how the weather is still fabulous... see if I can make them look like they are growing in my garden lol I'll get the photos on here later today. Very difficult to focus on inside work when the weather is like it is.

Something totally different, and back to the main reason I started this up. I managed to design an aeroplane outline for a commission for a button picture. I'm looking forward completing this one, and seeing how it turns out, as its a total change from the usual heart pictures I do.

Enjoy the sunshine :) x

Monday, 18 April 2011

Holiday Spends and Winding lessons!

Hello, a much chilled and relaxed me greets you tonight. Although I am a lot poorer for the experience!
I went away to Shropshire with my mum last week. The second day in and I dragged her to WonderWool Wales in Buith Wells ( . Now this is the biggest wool show in Wales I believe and I knew I was going to be tempted, but not how tempted I would be. I was good and managed to buy nearly all my wool from the sale bins I found though lol but a Swaledale felted bag appealed too much and I bought the wool and now have a scrap of paper with the pattern (and the lady's number should I get stuck) on to do. I loved the idea that she only had a few sheep so could say which ones the wool actually came from in each of the varieties she had. Undyed Swaledale is gorgeous and I can't wait to have a go at it. Its on the bottom left of the picture.
The week also proved that I have a thing for green at the moment, and the bag of wool I dragged home is mostly green wool of the pale green/mossy green variety. I'll get a pic and stick it up soon with the weeks purchases on. Apart from the Swaledale I was also taken with a big batch of something cheap in off white with a black thread through it, fancy having a go at a patchwork blanket with it, so will be fun to see how it knits up as its full of slubs and then about a 4 ply in other places! Bottom right of the picture lol

The week was a learning curve in winding wool skeins. Wow is that monotonous work, but its easy to watch films and chat while doing it, which is a good job as I had about 25 to do...
Oh, will be back later, tea and tv calls. Well the second place we went to on holiday was Colinette, which is a small industrial unit in the middle of the Welsh countryside! The wool on the top right is the 15 balls I bought from there... which was all in Skeins. I have bought wool in Moss green and New Meadow green which I think they don't do any more. They are both gorgeous and plan to use one set in the lounge and the second in the dining room. Also bought some to wear if I can make something using the 5 balls of Art which is an Aran weight wool.
Do think that the photo doesn't show the colours very well, the bedding is Lime green, which on here looks mint green so guess its not the best when you use the flash.
I also bought some wooden needles on holiday which are fabulous to use, hoping to get more as they are easier than plastic or metal ones.
Picked up more information about the Woolsack Olympic cushion project and I'm very interested in having a go at making a cushion for an athelete at the games for them to take home as a momento.
Oh dear, seems wool is starting to take over my life :)

Monday, 4 April 2011

Today's Creative Pictures

Hi There, just wanted to update this with a couple of pictures of the flowers I finished at the weekend for Mum and the Star I've made for a friend of a friends birthday.

These are my trial flowers which I've finished off with buttons. There will me more coming to Folksy soon, as I think these will brighten up anyone's 'White' goods!!!

These photos are how the star would be displayed if it were going on Folksy for sale. I love the Macro button on my camera now I know what its for! Any picture I do can be personalised like this one, which I think makes it really special.

You can find me at if you're interested in seeing more.

Best go now, have a good week :) x

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Star works too!

I've been commissioned to make a 30th present, which is a black, silver and white star with carefully chosen wording round the edge.
The star is complete, its a mix of buttons and beads this time, and with the points of the star needing a bit of thought... Its really tricky to make rounds work in points! But I think I've cracked it. The finishing touches will go on tomorrow morning along with the photos so I hope that it looks like a winner.
Thinking of putting my Folksy shop details on the back of the frame, just in case the recipient wants to have one made, or anyone else who sees it? Maybe the email address I've set up for the business too.
This weekend has been a battle of wills... the work will, the creative will and the gardening will. I have tested the new fence colour I got last week and I'm loving it. Cuprinol Shades in Willow. Lightens up the garden so much, and will look fab with flowers growing all over it when the sunflowers and sweetpeas get going. Just hoping that the cold air tonight doesn't cause too many problems. I've brought the tomatoes in just in case :)
Short post tonight, not done too much creatively today. Will hopefully get another button pic done this week before I have a break and focus on the softer side of my creative elements for the next week or so. I want to crack into a new field. I will get the new pictures on here asap. Have a good week :) xx

This was Sonia's birthday present x

Friday, 1 April 2011

Where did that week go???

Wow, where did March go? I blinked and missed it obviously.
A week flies by, so quickly in the job I do, and everyday is a blur sometimes, but you also cram in a lot of different things. It didn't help that I had a migraine yesterday and an MRI today either.
I have squeezed in a little bit of Reseach and Development of a new product for Folksy though, and I'm very pleased with how they are turning out.
Decided I needed something I can make relatively quickly and in larger numbers, and sell for a lower price than the pictures. One reason to do this is to fill up my shop, but another is to actually draw people to the shop and see the different products I'll have on sale.
So, my designs will be posted over the weekend, and I've already decided that the proto types that are on the fridge next to me will be my mum's mothers day gift... she's already tried the, 'I don't want anything' role, but you don't have a mum as Amazing as mine, and not treat her for Mothers Day. Just wish I had the money to spoil both her and my Dad more often!
As for my button heart pictures, there are going to be some new designs going up very shortly. I've prepared outlines for a star (a commission for a 30th birthday present) and a bird (just new idea by me) and I am hoping they will sit nicely with the Hearts and Owls that are already on the site. I also have a commission to do an aeroplane for a 1st birthday, so these will keep me out of trouble for the next few days for sure.
Along with all of that, I've bought the paint for my fence outside and a mini four tier green house that I'll be constructing tomorrow too... although looking at the weather forecast may keep the plants indoors until after Monday. Its all go in the Aunt's household at the moment, and due to all that, I'm shattered so off to bed.
Goodnight and Keep smiling :) xx

Here are the three pictures currently on sale in my Folksy shop

Monday, 28 March 2011

Creative Partner

Here is a couple of lovely pictures of my creative partner... her name is Misty and she would spend hours chasing and playing with my buttons, or trying to eat my wool or tie herself up in knots with it. But the best thing of all is when she's tired, she'll fall asleep on my knee and let me knit or crochet quite happily while she keeps me warm. The first is at about 6 months old, the first at about 3 months.
Love her to bits :) x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Typical Saturday

Another typiical Saturday is about to end and I thought I'd share a few thoughts. I spend a large amount of time in a day thinking about the creative things I want to make or share. Its quite frustrating that I can't spend as long as I'd like doing these things, but work takes priority... I am looking forward to April though, as I'll officially be at work for 6 days!!! Obviously I'll do more while I'm off, but I am going to work very hard to make sure I am not doing too much in that time as I could really do with a break and the ability to do some creative things about the house and for others.

So today started with some good news. It was confirmed yesterday that I've another commission for a button picture. This is going to be a new one, as its to be a star. Again the black and white theme will feature and I'm letting my customer pick the words which will decorate the image, as I want it to be a personal gift to her friend from her. I think that will be a great touch that I can push with the commissioned pictures. I'm hoping to start on the art work tomorrow, and even get a good selection of buttons going. I may have to search out some triangular ones for the points, but spending a little will be worthwhile for a great picture.

I've also been giving my flower ideas some thought. I've crocheted a good few now, so will start making them up into the finished article and if they work successfully, I'll get them up on Folksy asap. I'd love to have a busier shop, and think doing things that a fun and make you smile is probably the way to go. Fingers crossed that the idea works. I've put it to bed for now, as I'll spend time in the holidays completing the design.

In the time I have around work over the next too weeks, I'm going to focus on creating and completing a baby blanket for one of my neighbours children. I've new arrivals on both sides of me (sometimes I have to put up the TV and music to hide the cries) but will be fun watching them grow up. I don't know them that well, but I think it will be a good gesture to do a blanket for each. I'm knitting one for the baby boy, and will crochet one for the baby girl on the otherside who is slightly older. This is what I hope the boys will look like.
Sure you'll recognise it Debs :)  I've also found a design for a log cabin knitted technique that I'm going to try as its a pattern I love, and I think it would make an excellent blanket for the home.

Need to get cracking with a mothers day card too. Usually buy one, but as I've little money and plenty of materials makes sense to create my own this year, just need to think about and decide on a design. Have a feeling the flowers mentioned above may figure in it lol

Right, I'm sure I was going to say something else tonight, but as I've forgotten and its getting late and I'm losing an hour tonight due to the changing clocks I'll bit farewell and will concentrate on work tomorrow.

I was going to mention the garden, but that will deserve a post all of its own!

Keep smiling x

Friday, 25 March 2011

Sharing Skills

Today I'm starting a crafting club at school. I've about a dozen girls (wonder if I'll attract a few boys too!) who want to learn how to make blankets for rescue dogs.
I'll be teaching them basic knitting today, thought we'd make squares and then they can be made into blankets for the dogs. I know some of the girls can already knit, so they can make a blanket of their own, the others can make collaborative ones.
I've done some same squares to show them different stitches, but today will be garter stitch as its the easiest for them to grasp.
I hope in the future that I can have them doing different styles and maybe even teach them some crochet too.
Last night I spent a couple of hours teaching myself some new crochet stitches and experimenting making flowers that could end up being a new idea for Folksy :)
Best get off, will let you know how it goes later!
Keep smiling x

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Well Hello

Hi there, and finally I make it here to start up my own Blog!

Why am I thinking that people might want to hear what I have to say, well, who knows. You may, you may not, but the choice is yours and maybe you'll find out how to create something new!?!

I'm a creative type, and I hear you say, 'aren't we all?' Yes, I suppose so, we all probably have a bit of creativity in our lives that pops up on a daily basis. But I'm one of those creative types who gets a massive kick out of making things for friends and family to make them smile. I've also just set myself up on a site known as Folksy as Charlee's Aunt too. There I am hoping to sell some of my creations and spread a little love and happiness beyond those I love.

I ought to give you the link to my shop while I'm at it, so here it is and you can have a gander at what I've got to sell and if you've got any questions or even if already you fancy giving me a commission, just get in touch and I'll work some magic for you.

As you can see, these pics above are a little sample of the work I'm currently producing.

I'll update this with images of new pieces and older pieces I may revisit for one reason or another. I'll also probably bounce ideas, and ask opinions too, so feel free to get involved if I ask for your help.

You'll find out over the length of this blog about all the different ways I like to be creative.

Keep smiling xx