Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Work gets in the way

Not going to be able to do a lot this week until some well deserved creative time at the weekend. The reports I've been feverishly writing for the last month were finally done and dusted today. Only year 7 to go now (daren't even think about the 5 classes worth I've got there!!!)

Couple of quick pictures of last weekends escapades. I have put my button magnets on folksy (see the little tag on the top right of the blog!) and I've finished them off quite nicely by presenting them on some simple striped card, and either in a packet, the sets of 5, or a recycled box, the sets of 10. Let me know what you think please?

I'm hoping to receive a paint sample from my HoH before we break off so I can produce a Button heart for her new kitchen. She's requested pink, black and cream (I think?) in a black frame to go with the kitchen they had installed when they moved house. Sounds lush from the descriptions and hoping to see it soon in picture. I'll not be doing any wording around it though as 'she isn't that sort of person' her own words.

Gave me an idea though, I'm going to produce a whole series, probably in the summer holidays, without wording on. Take some pictures of them in the frames I've got spare, and then when someone buys them (please!!!) I can either frame them up without the wording, or personalise them as they wish. Could be a new way of being able to have lots of stock and not have to buy a million frames from the Swedish store that isn't close to me!

Liking writing this, so I know it will drift off topic occasionally but that isn't always a bad thing. Don't want to be boring you by whittering on about buttons all the time.

Have a good week and keep smiling :)

PS, am I the only one watching 'Made in Chelsea'?

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  1. Like the colour combination in the first picture.