Sunday, 29 May 2011

Artistic Break

I don't usually think about the way my pictures are designed as the heart and start were pretty straight forward shapes. Then came the plane request - thanks Debs! I needed to make a shape that although simple, was easily recognisable as a plane, so I started to scout about the net looking for pictures.

This weekend so far I've been doing exactly the same. I've been doing the first sketches for potential pictures I may try and create out of buttons. An artists suggestions are a great place for me to start, and Bridget at Moon Meadow Gallery came up with a big list for me to try when I was last in there. Transfering those ideas into pictures/shapes I can then create out of buttons is a whole new experience. How do I get the fine lines, the grace of insect wings and the solemnity of the moon to transfer? It is going to be a challenge, but I'm quite interested in it now I've done my sketches. Luckily she wants another heart too, so I've just the question of do I create another, or shall I just give her 'Blue Love'?

Other artistic things I've been up to this weekend are all woolen. I've been making up the lovely blue blanket for Fin next door, and I'm working on a fabulous cushion for a friends birthday. That's the key thing to finish this week, preferably before Friday if I can!!! Best get knitting then again later this evening.

The one thing that may put a big welly boot of trouble into the next 7 days of planned 'Work' and my pleasurable work is that I've toothache... lost a filling in the week, and I'm hoping I can last out till next Monday to have it repaired. It's not played up until today, so will see what the week brings.

Keep smiling and enjoy the sun (it is coming!!!) :) xxx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Selling my 'wares'!!!

Whoop, whoop, whoop!

I popped into Moon Meadow Gallery ( today to have a look about, and see how my work was doing. I've had 3 pictures in there for a while now.

I snooped about and couldn't see any of my work... being me I naturally assumed she'd taken them off and put them somewhere for me to collect. I went down, and saw Bridget and asked in a small voice how the button pictures were doing.

"Ooh, I thought it was you, I was going to ring. Two have sold!" My face must have been a picture as she said that lol

So these are the two pictures I have sold in the gallery. The first multi coloured one was the first I did, and the second 'True Romance' was done around Valentines day, hence the red theme.

I've not got a long list of suggestions and ideas from Bridget as she'd like some more pieces doing when I can, including hearts. Therefore I may take my blue heart down that I've on Folksy as its ready to go... or I could just done some new pieces!!

Very happy about this. Means I'm now selling commissions regularly, and in the gallery every now and again.

Keep smiling :) x

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Work gets in the way

Not going to be able to do a lot this week until some well deserved creative time at the weekend. The reports I've been feverishly writing for the last month were finally done and dusted today. Only year 7 to go now (daren't even think about the 5 classes worth I've got there!!!)

Couple of quick pictures of last weekends escapades. I have put my button magnets on folksy (see the little tag on the top right of the blog!) and I've finished them off quite nicely by presenting them on some simple striped card, and either in a packet, the sets of 5, or a recycled box, the sets of 10. Let me know what you think please?

I'm hoping to receive a paint sample from my HoH before we break off so I can produce a Button heart for her new kitchen. She's requested pink, black and cream (I think?) in a black frame to go with the kitchen they had installed when they moved house. Sounds lush from the descriptions and hoping to see it soon in picture. I'll not be doing any wording around it though as 'she isn't that sort of person' her own words.

Gave me an idea though, I'm going to produce a whole series, probably in the summer holidays, without wording on. Take some pictures of them in the frames I've got spare, and then when someone buys them (please!!!) I can either frame them up without the wording, or personalise them as they wish. Could be a new way of being able to have lots of stock and not have to buy a million frames from the Swedish store that isn't close to me!

Liking writing this, so I know it will drift off topic occasionally but that isn't always a bad thing. Don't want to be boring you by whittering on about buttons all the time.

Have a good week and keep smiling :)

PS, am I the only one watching 'Made in Chelsea'?

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pain threshold... Magnets

Those who know me well know I've an ongoing back problem. It flared up again at the weekend when it went into spasm... ouch! I'm slowly getting it back to normal, and my drugs have been upped while its recovering so I've two problems at the moment;
1 - I'm dosey as hell, much worse than normal,
2 - I'm in more pain than I've been in for about a year!

Therefore I've been looking to try and distract myself, but also have to be doing simple things so that I don't get everything wrong (I'm trying to read/write reports for work at the moment - slow and painful process).

Tonight I decided to get creative and make some magnets. Its something I've considered for a while, to add to the shop and I bought some small circular magnets last week from Boyes. I've made some very sweet, cute magnets out of a selection of my vintage/new buttons. There are three sets in all, a total of 20 magnets.

Set one was a simple idea using 5 buttons that are of the same design - white flowers. Set two used some pastel round buttons in 5 different colours which I thought would be nice for spring. The third set is the largest, 10 magnets in all. They are made up of bright, light buttons in a variety of colours, with more than one button per magnet, so some contrasting or coordinating colours have been put together.

Looking at Folksy I realise I've to get my ideas into shape regarding presentation of my work. I've cut up some nice pink card that is striped. I'm going to stick the buttons to it with glue dots, as they should be easy to remove - its like what those little samples you get in magazines are stuck down with, For the big set I've covered an old chocolate box with brown paper, cut a piece of card to fit inside and I'll stick those down and present them in the box, so an ideal gift idea. I'm into recycling, and knew the boxes would be useful sometime!

I'm full of creative ideas at the moment, which isn't helping with my brain not functioning correctly, but its a nice thing to think about... my next challenge will be the Woolsack cushions and I'm thinking about trying a new idea I've read about on the Folksy Forum regarding tiny works of art!

Have a good rest of the week and I'll catch up with you soon
Keep Smiling :) x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Button Planes!!!

I've kept this till now to post as I wanted the recipient to be the first to see it complete. I'm so pleased that it reached Debbie in one piece and now it can be treasured for Ollie. Just hope as he grows up he likes it too lol

Have posted one of the plane, then a couple of close ups as I've learnt how to do that lol

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Big Thanks :)

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be featured in another Crafty Blog doing a little 'interview' about me and why I am creating what I am. Here's the link, let me know what you think!!!

Back is very bad today, so this is short and sweet, will fill you in asap on more creative details asap xx