Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Pain threshold... Magnets

Those who know me well know I've an ongoing back problem. It flared up again at the weekend when it went into spasm... ouch! I'm slowly getting it back to normal, and my drugs have been upped while its recovering so I've two problems at the moment;
1 - I'm dosey as hell, much worse than normal,
2 - I'm in more pain than I've been in for about a year!

Therefore I've been looking to try and distract myself, but also have to be doing simple things so that I don't get everything wrong (I'm trying to read/write reports for work at the moment - slow and painful process).

Tonight I decided to get creative and make some magnets. Its something I've considered for a while, to add to the shop and I bought some small circular magnets last week from Boyes. I've made some very sweet, cute magnets out of a selection of my vintage/new buttons. There are three sets in all, a total of 20 magnets.

Set one was a simple idea using 5 buttons that are of the same design - white flowers. Set two used some pastel round buttons in 5 different colours which I thought would be nice for spring. The third set is the largest, 10 magnets in all. They are made up of bright, light buttons in a variety of colours, with more than one button per magnet, so some contrasting or coordinating colours have been put together.

Looking at Folksy I realise I've to get my ideas into shape regarding presentation of my work. I've cut up some nice pink card that is striped. I'm going to stick the buttons to it with glue dots, as they should be easy to remove - its like what those little samples you get in magazines are stuck down with, For the big set I've covered an old chocolate box with brown paper, cut a piece of card to fit inside and I'll stick those down and present them in the box, so an ideal gift idea. I'm into recycling, and knew the boxes would be useful sometime!

I'm full of creative ideas at the moment, which isn't helping with my brain not functioning correctly, but its a nice thing to think about... my next challenge will be the Woolsack cushions and I'm thinking about trying a new idea I've read about on the Folksy Forum regarding tiny works of art!

Have a good rest of the week and I'll catch up with you soon
Keep Smiling :) x

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