Sunday, 29 May 2011

Artistic Break

I don't usually think about the way my pictures are designed as the heart and start were pretty straight forward shapes. Then came the plane request - thanks Debs! I needed to make a shape that although simple, was easily recognisable as a plane, so I started to scout about the net looking for pictures.

This weekend so far I've been doing exactly the same. I've been doing the first sketches for potential pictures I may try and create out of buttons. An artists suggestions are a great place for me to start, and Bridget at Moon Meadow Gallery came up with a big list for me to try when I was last in there. Transfering those ideas into pictures/shapes I can then create out of buttons is a whole new experience. How do I get the fine lines, the grace of insect wings and the solemnity of the moon to transfer? It is going to be a challenge, but I'm quite interested in it now I've done my sketches. Luckily she wants another heart too, so I've just the question of do I create another, or shall I just give her 'Blue Love'?

Other artistic things I've been up to this weekend are all woolen. I've been making up the lovely blue blanket for Fin next door, and I'm working on a fabulous cushion for a friends birthday. That's the key thing to finish this week, preferably before Friday if I can!!! Best get knitting then again later this evening.

The one thing that may put a big welly boot of trouble into the next 7 days of planned 'Work' and my pleasurable work is that I've toothache... lost a filling in the week, and I'm hoping I can last out till next Monday to have it repaired. It's not played up until today, so will see what the week brings.

Keep smiling and enjoy the sun (it is coming!!!) :) xxx

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