Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Screening the summer stove!

I've been wondering for a few days now how to screen the empty stove in the sitting room, as I found it quite depressing. Although I noted that a few friends on Facebook were resorting to lighting their stoves today as the weather has turned rather autumnal and chilly.

I worked out the size of the window in the stove, and using a piece of card to create a screen which I then covered with a small piece of my statement wall paper from the study, 'Sanderson, Dandelion Clocks in Blackcurrant', which reflected the colours I wish to use in the lounge in a summer colour scheme eventually when its finally decorated. I'll use red to cosy and warm it up in winter and lime to cool and brighten things up in the warmer months.

Anyway, back to the screen. Once covered with the wallpaper, I thought that it needed a little more interest. I've used some of my buttons to highlight certain points and pull a few colours and ideas together. I'll be using wood as a natural element within the room so popped a bit of that in there too, with a silver heart to keep the theme of hearts going throughout the scheme of decoration.

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