Monday, 28 March 2011

Creative Partner

Here is a couple of lovely pictures of my creative partner... her name is Misty and she would spend hours chasing and playing with my buttons, or trying to eat my wool or tie herself up in knots with it. But the best thing of all is when she's tired, she'll fall asleep on my knee and let me knit or crochet quite happily while she keeps me warm. The first is at about 6 months old, the first at about 3 months.
Love her to bits :) x


  1. Well cute. I miss my cats. Gill's got the biggest, soppiest dog ever and there's also a rather nice little tortoise in the house. No way we could get a cat, though. Logan is soft, but doesn't realise how big he is so he'd break it!

    Gill's been considering a snake, but she's very picky on the species.

  2. Thank you :) I had to add her to the gallery you set up Egyptian!
    She is very Cute Iain, and I should have got two at the time, or more, as she'd never share me now lol she follows me everywhere, including lying by the bath while I'm in it etc. She is going out more now its warming up, luckily she's only into chasing insects atm.
    Oh, and you'd be surprised at how soft a large dog can be with a kitten, they tend to just want to protect them :)