Friday, 1 April 2011

Where did that week go???

Wow, where did March go? I blinked and missed it obviously.
A week flies by, so quickly in the job I do, and everyday is a blur sometimes, but you also cram in a lot of different things. It didn't help that I had a migraine yesterday and an MRI today either.
I have squeezed in a little bit of Reseach and Development of a new product for Folksy though, and I'm very pleased with how they are turning out.
Decided I needed something I can make relatively quickly and in larger numbers, and sell for a lower price than the pictures. One reason to do this is to fill up my shop, but another is to actually draw people to the shop and see the different products I'll have on sale.
So, my designs will be posted over the weekend, and I've already decided that the proto types that are on the fridge next to me will be my mum's mothers day gift... she's already tried the, 'I don't want anything' role, but you don't have a mum as Amazing as mine, and not treat her for Mothers Day. Just wish I had the money to spoil both her and my Dad more often!
As for my button heart pictures, there are going to be some new designs going up very shortly. I've prepared outlines for a star (a commission for a 30th birthday present) and a bird (just new idea by me) and I am hoping they will sit nicely with the Hearts and Owls that are already on the site. I also have a commission to do an aeroplane for a 1st birthday, so these will keep me out of trouble for the next few days for sure.
Along with all of that, I've bought the paint for my fence outside and a mini four tier green house that I'll be constructing tomorrow too... although looking at the weather forecast may keep the plants indoors until after Monday. Its all go in the Aunt's household at the moment, and due to all that, I'm shattered so off to bed.
Goodnight and Keep smiling :) xx

Here are the three pictures currently on sale in my Folksy shop

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