Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hours spent listing on Folksy...

Hi again, Just spent my morning listing the flowers on Folksy. Will include a few pictures with this so you can see what I've been upu to lately. Trying not be distracted by Misty chasing something that I'm sure could sting her!

Also used a couple of interesting sites. The first it to hopefully help me publicise my Folksy items. Its called Stumble Upon and I can see it using up any time I don't have something else planned, as going on your interests it takes you to random sites on the internet. Once you've favourited a site it will show it to fellow Stumblers. So thanks to the poster on the Folksy forum for that one :)

I really need to go and get some lunch, so will be back later to see what else I've been creating lately. Have a great Easter weekend x

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