Sunday, 3 April 2011

Star works too!

I've been commissioned to make a 30th present, which is a black, silver and white star with carefully chosen wording round the edge.
The star is complete, its a mix of buttons and beads this time, and with the points of the star needing a bit of thought... Its really tricky to make rounds work in points! But I think I've cracked it. The finishing touches will go on tomorrow morning along with the photos so I hope that it looks like a winner.
Thinking of putting my Folksy shop details on the back of the frame, just in case the recipient wants to have one made, or anyone else who sees it? Maybe the email address I've set up for the business too.
This weekend has been a battle of wills... the work will, the creative will and the gardening will. I have tested the new fence colour I got last week and I'm loving it. Cuprinol Shades in Willow. Lightens up the garden so much, and will look fab with flowers growing all over it when the sunflowers and sweetpeas get going. Just hoping that the cold air tonight doesn't cause too many problems. I've brought the tomatoes in just in case :)
Short post tonight, not done too much creatively today. Will hopefully get another button pic done this week before I have a break and focus on the softer side of my creative elements for the next week or so. I want to crack into a new field. I will get the new pictures on here asap. Have a good week :) xx

This was Sonia's birthday present x

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