Friday, 25 March 2011

Sharing Skills

Today I'm starting a crafting club at school. I've about a dozen girls (wonder if I'll attract a few boys too!) who want to learn how to make blankets for rescue dogs.
I'll be teaching them basic knitting today, thought we'd make squares and then they can be made into blankets for the dogs. I know some of the girls can already knit, so they can make a blanket of their own, the others can make collaborative ones.
I've done some same squares to show them different stitches, but today will be garter stitch as its the easiest for them to grasp.
I hope in the future that I can have them doing different styles and maybe even teach them some crochet too.
Last night I spent a couple of hours teaching myself some new crochet stitches and experimenting making flowers that could end up being a new idea for Folksy :)
Best get off, will let you know how it goes later!
Keep smiling x

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