Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Well Hello

Hi there, and finally I make it here to start up my own Blog!

Why am I thinking that people might want to hear what I have to say, well, who knows. You may, you may not, but the choice is yours and maybe you'll find out how to create something new!?!

I'm a creative type, and I hear you say, 'aren't we all?' Yes, I suppose so, we all probably have a bit of creativity in our lives that pops up on a daily basis. But I'm one of those creative types who gets a massive kick out of making things for friends and family to make them smile. I've also just set myself up on a site known as Folksy as Charlee's Aunt too. There I am hoping to sell some of my creations and spread a little love and happiness beyond those I love.

I ought to give you the link to my shop while I'm at it, so here it is and you can have a gander at what I've got to sell and if you've got any questions or even if already you fancy giving me a commission, just get in touch and I'll work some magic for you.

As you can see, these pics above are a little sample of the work I'm currently producing.

I'll update this with images of new pieces and older pieces I may revisit for one reason or another. I'll also probably bounce ideas, and ask opinions too, so feel free to get involved if I ask for your help.

You'll find out over the length of this blog about all the different ways I like to be creative.

Keep smiling xx

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