Thursday, 29 December 2011

Photo Update

I promised a bit of a photo gallery the other night, to show that I haven't been a lazy ass lately and I've been quite busy just not good enough to post the results on here.

Two themes can be covered, one is my contribution to the Woolsack Project ( and the other is my button hearts.

So, first of all Woolsack. I've now attended and helped at two Woolsack Stuffing events. The first was at the British Wool Weekend that was held at the Harrogate Showground, and the second was at the Knitting and Stitching Show held at Harrogate International Centre. Unfortunately there is photographic evidence for both lol In the first even I took my cushion and mums, and stuffed and finished them off. In the second I knitted two smaller squares to be part of a multi effort cushion to help make enough to send to the Youth Winter Olympic team who were about to go out for training.

Having bought pot luck bags, the colours had come back on both as 5 balls of the turquoise and 1 of pink each. I've since bought more real British wool in other colours that I'm using for a second cushion, and if I get time, third. Mum is just sticking to this one, unless I can persuade her otherwise! Mine is the one on the top in the cable stitch... I challenged myself to the cabling, and was pretty pleased with the finished result!!!

The second item I want to post on here is a picture I made with a bit of a difference. Again the Living North Christmas Show was an inspiration and I decided that a picture didn't have to be all buttons to be special. So this time I mixed buttons with stitching and pretty fabrics and had a go at a Scandi themed picture. Let me know what you think... its in the Gallery now for sale!

I'll be back shortly with some of the Christmas projects I've been working on :) x

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