Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Completed quilt for Matilda

As I've said in my prior post, this quilt is for my second cousin. I've used several different pink fabrics, many a roll of fat 8ths from Sunflowerfabrics.com called "Pinkberry" http://www.sunflowerfabrics.com/fabpack2.htm?Next 

I used a design idea by Kaffe Fassett called 2x2, which is a series of 2" blocks joined together after I randomly placed them out on the floor. I did spend time getting the random pattern correct, and making it look balanced. Then these were stored in pinned rows and joined when I had time. 

Once when I had all 21 row if 15 squares joined, I picked a pale rose pink fabric to create my own bias binding (first time for this too!). I picked this from Viking Loom in York. I also chose a pink and white modern fabric. But upon finding out Matilda's name I couldn't resist ordering the Matilda by Roald Dahl fabric from Amazon. I picked a lightweight bamboo wadding for the middle of the quilt as I didn't want this to be a heavy quilt. 

As it divided by 3, I quilted large square 3x3 blocks across then down the quilt sandwich before applying my bias binding. 

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