Friday, 16 March 2012

Long time!!!

Ok, so I am going to start working on this a lot more, and not only include my artistic/creative work, but I will also include information about my social life and weight loss ups and hopefully more of downs... I NEED TO LOSE A LOT, and therefore I think that using my creative elements to distract me from food may help too!!

I've been busy with the knitting and crochet this last couple of months, have recently finished a cushion for the project, and I am well on my way to completing another. The reason that I can work so much on these at the moment is that my back has been playing up again and I've been off for 3 weeks.

Another project that I've been working hard with, in planning is producing things for Andrea's twins. They are due to arrive in June, and by then I'd like to have a few bits for them when they arrive, as well as two cot blankets. I've seen the colour scheme and I can be nice and bold and bright, brilliant! will be my source for the materials as Sally stocks amazing bright beautiful colours that aren't all wishy washy and pastelly like most baby wool stocked in my local wool shop.

Well off to get in the garden and make things beautiful for later in the year. A spring photo to make you smile, Have fun :) xx

Best get on with

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